GARDEN is a Greek company specializing in the development, manufacture and sale of dermocosmetics and beauty products. In its privately owned facilities in Thessaloniki, it researches, innovates and develops modern, quality and effective products with advanced formulas based on Panthenol and organic ingredients such as olive oil.

Today, GARDEN is a synonym of high quality and reliability to thousands of consumers. With deep knowledge of the modern lifestyle GARDEN products

  • Fight the signs of premature aging
  • Regenerate the skin enhancing firmness and glow
  • Protect from the signs of time and solar radiation
  • Answer to contemporary beauty needs

GARDEN products were immediately loved by the consumers with their entrance to the pharmacies. Wonderful moisturizing and anti-aging cremes and serums, sunscreens for face and body, high quality lip care products and a large fashionable makeup collection create an amazing, colorful garden of choices.

Based on modern ingredients like panthenol, hyaluronic acid and Greek organic herbs and plants, the products stand out for their velvety texture and silky feel. Their packaging enhances the product experience with magic kaleidoscopes of colorful flowers and with the favorite peacock, GARDEN’s logo.

GARDEN’s quality can be found in the most friendly prices, fact that makes the products even more popular between consumers in Greece and in markets abroad.